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The Story Of The Blockblaster

I had a really annoying slow drainage sink in my downstairs cloakroom. It was forever flooding my hallway as the kids would flush the chain, wash their hands and think they had turned off the tap. After the toilet had filled, the tap carried on running but for some reason took yonks to drain - hence the overflow. We tried putting One Shot down the sink, which is a really nasty acid hoping it would dissolve whatever was causing the block, that didn't work. We dismantled the pipe work expecting to find it clogged, but that was empty and clear. We called a plumber who rodded over 5 metres (the most he had) and that too didn't work. We were all at a loss with what to do next, when the plumber suggested we reattach the sink to the waste pipe of the toilet, which wasn't ideal and would need to redecorate to accomodate the new pipework. During this time my husband who regulary visits the Far East was in Hong Kong at a trade fair and came across a product called Mr Pung! It was manufactured in Korea and was a simple plunging system that uses CO2 gas cartridges. He managed to get hold of one and thought as a last resort, it may work on our sink. I was a bit sceptical, seeing as a plumber couldn't sort it, but was willing to give it a try! We covered the overflow hole with duct tape, filled the sink up with water then used the green basin attachment. We were a little worried as to how powerful the blast was going to be, but once we had covered the sinkhole and pressed the button [...]

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