Where can I use the Blockblaster?

You can use your Blockblaster in all household areas. Screw on the green adapter to remove blockages from sinks and basins, use the purple adapter for baths and showers and of course the blue adapter for toilets. The product works in the same way for all these areas.

How safe is the product?

Extremely. The unit uses CO2, an innocuous gas that is used to carbonate drinks so is totally harmless. The unit delivers pressure that is enough to dislodge blockages, but should the button be pressed accidentally in air, it simply emits a cloud of cold gas that will cause no damage and will give the feel of being in a fancy nightclub with dry ice at your feet!

Is it one blast per cartridge?

Yes, after pressing the button and emitting the CO2, change the cartridge and put the used one in the metal recycling. All the Co2 is used in one blast.

How can I obtain replacement refills?

It is with regret that we are currently unable to supply the refill cartridges, However, there are two alternative cartridges that are compatible with both Blockblaster units and can be purchased through a company called Cream Supplies. They are a great alternative, however, some might find that they produce a slightly less powerful blast. Below are direct links to their website and the products that are compatible.

Soda Sparklets CO2 Charger Cartridges (Box of 10)

Cream Chargers by Mosa (Box of 24)

It is with great sadness that we can no longer supply our customers, but hopefully in the near future, circumstances may change and we can be back up and running again.

Will the pressure damage my pipes?

The Blockblaster is specifically designed to deliver a pressure that will not damage pipes or seals in your appliance. Although it may appear powerful, it is not as destructive as rods or vigorous plunging and should do no damage to standard plumbing

Are there any circumstances where the Blockblaster cannot be used?

Yes. As the product is designed to be used in water, the unit is not effective in Saniflow units that use less water in the system.

Do I need to ensure airtight seal?

Yes. The silicon based adapters will ensure an airtight when the unit is inserted. Make sure you push until you can push no more, then you have an airtight seal. Failure to do this could result in unpleasant splashback! Also, ensure overflows on baths, sinks or basins are covered with tape or a damp cloth as the air will simply escape from this outlet and not work on the blockage.

Should the toilet/shower/basin be empty of water before using Blockblaster?

No. Ensure there is a full sink or toilet of water when using the product. As the blast of air will be more powerful and targeted. A water filled environment helps this process significantly.

I have an old fashioned shaped toilet. Will the Blockblaster work?

Most certainly. The toilet adapter is an unusual shape in order to provide an airtight seal on any toilet, large or small. Push deep until you feel the airtight seal. With the 3 adapters included, you will always find a way to create a seal in any area.

The light no longer comes on when I insert a cartridge. Will the unit still work?

Yes. Some models of the Blockblaster have a blue light that illuminates when a capsule is in. This light will work for approx 4 weeks of continuous use and as most people tend to leave the used cartridge inside, the battery will drain. There is little point in replacing the battery for this function; most leave the old battery in. This light was an innovation, which in hindsight was not necessary in the unit.

What if I have used the Blockblaster and there is still a blockage?

For stubborn blockages, you may need to use more than one CO2 cartridge. The Blockblaster is extremely successful but if after using, the blockage is still apparent, it is likely the problem lies with the fixture or outside drain and no amount of plunging will work.

Does it only work on blockages?

No. The Blockblaster is fantastic on slow drainage too. It will solve those annoying sinks when water takes ages to drain away.

Why when I press the button on the Blockblaster Mini nothing happens?

We have had some calls from customers who are experiencing some issues with the button on the Blockblaster Mini. The button is stiffer than the standard Blockblaster and you do need to press down hard on the button to release the gas. If you are still having issues and the gas does not release when using this product, please contact gaynor@blockblaster.co.uk to arrange a return and replacement. Also please be careful not to unscrew the lid once the CO2 cartridge is inserted as you will release the gas and waste it.


CAUTIONS: Adult supervision required. This is NOT a toy. Buyer assumes full responsibility for safe handling and disposal of CO2 cartridge item. Buyer affirms that he or she is of legal age to purchase compressed gas cartridges – 18 or over.
WARNING: Highly-pressurized contents. Do not expose to heat or prolonged direct sunlight. Do not incinerate, do not puncture outside of Blockblaster unit. Not for medical or internal use. Do not inhale. Blockblaster is not responsible for misuse or abuse of item. Buyer assumes all responsibility of Co2 cartridge purchase and use.