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There can be little doubt that at the very least, finding sinks blocked by any kind of obstruction is a pain. We all regularly pour oils and fats down the sink without thinking twice but unfortunately this will eventually begin to play havoc with your pipes. Fear not though because help us at hand in the form of a revolutionary new unblocking product called BlockBlaster.

Tell Tale Signs

It is rarely difficult to spot when a sink has become blocked, because under normal circumstances it will involve the water level rising in the sink bowl and not flowing away Sinks Blockedas it should.

This is often because the waste trap has become blocked with a variety of debris or scale under the sink or even the waste pipe. By far the most common causes of sink blockages are build ups of fat and soap which accumulates over a prolonged period of time which reduce the diameter of the waste pipe or drain inside, resulting in the flow becoming restricted and eventually blocked completely.

If the water in your sink gets backed up like this and you are having difficulty resolving the problem, turn to BlockBlaster and its exceptional blockage clearing qualities to quickly remove the blockage with no disruption. Don’t wait while the problem only gets worse, with the help of BlockBlaster your kitchen sink or bathroom wash basin will be working perfectly again soon.

BlockBlaster is able to unblock sinks quickly leaving no mess and great results.

What is BlockBlaster?

You can use your Blockblaster in all household areas and it is a particularly effective sink unblocker. Simply screw on the green adapter to remove blockages from sinks and basins, use the purple adapter for baths and showers and of course the blue adapter for toilets. The product works in the same way for all these areas.

BlockBlaster forms an airtight seal around the pipe before a single blast of compressed air instantly dislodges and clears the blockage and will clear even the most stubborn blockages standard plungers or rods cannot shift.

Blocked Sinks Cleared Fast

Each time you use your BlockBlaster you will need to insert a single gas cartridge.  Simply open the top of the unit, place the cartridge and screw the top back on.  When the blue light is illuminated, BlockBlaster is ready for use.

Place purple ‘plunger type’ silicone head over plug hole or shower grate and push down to form an air tight seal. Remember to cover overflow outlet with tape before releasing gas.

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding BlockBlaster and its abilities as a sink unblocker, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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